Tour Guide

Fraih bin Khalaf al-Shammari

years of experience in guiding and escorting tourists around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the recommended tour guide in Hail, familiar with the history, customs and traditions of the region and an expert in desert and camping, fluent in reading ancient inscriptions and their writings, British journalist Gill Charlton said of him in the Telegraph newspaper: “I spend the next two days on Wandering in the desert with the oldest guide in Hail (Foraih), a scion of the Shammar tribe and a man who can open any gate We visit medieval forts and remote rock art sites

  • A tour guide licensed by the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Received the award for the best tourist guide in the Kingdom for the year 2018.
  • An expert on the history of the region and the tourist sites.
  • An expert in reading Thamudic inscriptions and interpreting drawings.
  • An expert in ancient trade and pilgrimage methods.

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