Janeen Mountain

Janeen mountain

It is located in Janeen mountain, 70 km to the east of the city of Hail, and it is located in the middle of the water-rich Lake Janeen, which is located on the formation of a water-rich geogelic leg, which has formed over millions of years and extends from the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through and to its southern center. It is one of the oldest caves inhabited by humans, in addition to Thamudic inscriptions.
The mountain Janeen consists of four blocks of sedimentary rocks, and this mountain is famous historically because of the presence of its famous cave, which reached nearly 70 meters in length and a ceiling height of 25 meters, and was named by this name because it mixed with the story of humans and jinn.
Thamudic writings are spread in the first two thirds of the area of the cave while the last third may be dedicated to housing and specifically the residence of priests for the availability of water, and this is evident by the presence of the effects of a spring inside it, as the location of the cave and its view formed a safety for its residents.

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